Hello Friend!

Welcome to my brand new food blog!  Please join me on this journey as I figure out how this blogging stuff works. I have been toying with this idea for some time. A few days ago I decided I was going to take the plunge on Wednesday, March 12, 2014. Today is Wednesday, isn’t it?

So what’s it all about? In a word, food.
Food that I love to eat.
Food that I love to cook.
Food that I love to bake.
But most of all, food that I love to feed my family.

I hope you will come back soon to peruse the recipes and stories I will share!


8 thoughts on “Hello Friend!

  1. Big 'Brudder" Tommy says:

    Hey Sis!!! :- D Ok, so maybe I’m a bit bias when it comes to my Li’l Sister, but – WOW!!! Look at you!! I am so excited for you and that you’ve taken this HUGE leap into the cyber-world!!! :- ) Great Job Laura I am a big fan of chilli and you know I’m a big fan of your cooking!!! So I will have to make the big leap myself in trying new recipes, and no better way than to start with yours!! Love you and I wish lots n lots of success with your New Blog page!! :- D


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