Friday Night Pizza

Okay, today is Friday which means one thing here at the McKiernan house…Pizza for dinner!  I’ve been doing this for years (and years!) so I am always amazed on a given Friday, when someone in my family asks, “hey, what’s for dinner?”  My response is always the same, “Well, it’s Friday…” and then they know.  I like my Friday pizza routine because it makes the dinner plans for at least one night out of the week easy, predictable and satisfying.

Today I wanted to do something a little different.  Instead of mixing my dough in the food processor (which is the EASIEST and FASTEST and LEAST MESSY/STICKY way), I wanted to make the dough by hand.  I Googled “pizza dough by hand” and found a YouTube video of a man making pizza dough.  His recipe is very similar to the one I usually use.  And so I went for it!  It’s about an hour later and my dough is rising very nicely in a cozy warm oven.

Click here for my pizza recipe.


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