Inspiration for Baker’s Alphabet

Baker's Alphabet Book cover

A few people have asked about the name I chose for my blog Baker’s Alphabet.  I suppose it’ll come as no surprise to anyone who knows me that it’s an homage to my most favorite, most loved and most important people…my husband and my children.  I mentioned in an earlier post that the idea of writing a food blog had rolled around in my head for some time.  My husband’s words of encouragement were the final push I needed.  Unknowingly, he helped me to take the leap into the blogosphere.  He didn’t specifically say, “Hey, Laura, why don’t you start writing a blog.”  No, his support was more subtle.  He told me that I’m a very creative person.  (Why, thank you!)  And then he told me that my art is in my cooking and baking.  I know it’s corny, but for the first time, I understood the phrase wind beneath my wings.  Spurred with this faith he has in me, I decided I could honor him by sharing my passion for cooking and baking with the world.  Then came the really hard part…naming my blog.  😉   I thought the name must something I will always love to say and hear.  I wanted something that is just right.  And it had to embrace all my loves.

I have two children, a girl and a boy.  I was in graduate school before, during and after my first pregnancy.  Shortly after I learned I was pregnant with my first child (my daughter), I had a class assignment to create an alphabet book.  Our teacher advised us to choose a subject about which we knew a great deal and about which we were passionate.  Naturally, I chose baking.  I named that book A Baker’s Alphabet Book.  I included a dedication page.  I wrote, “This book is dedicated to my baby.  I don’t know if you’re a boy or a girl, but I do know you’ll need to learn your abc’s.”  Sexist that I am (ashamedly and apparently), I thought that Daughter would surely follow in my footsteps and adore baking as much as I always have.  Yes, she has cooked and baked with me over the years.  But, her independent spirit urges her not to create with me, but rather, on her own.  (Pizza eggs and paprika pancakes are two results of her own culinary creativity.  I will never share those recipes.)  But I digress.  God graced me with a second child, a son.  Son, among other pursuits such as astronaut and architect, wants “to be a baker” when he grows up.  He helps me in the kitchen every chance he gets.

Me:  Would you peel these carrots for me?  Son:  Yes!
Me:  Would you stir the cake batter?  Son:  Yes!
Me:  Would you like to crack, scramble and cook your own eggs?  Son:  Yes!

I dedicate Baker’s Alphabet to my family.  I love them with all my heart and soul.  Taking care of my family is the most important job I will ever have.

Find a job that you love and you will never have to work a day in your life.  ~Confucius

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